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Name: Position: Email: Website
Jodi Dedera Principal Email
Andy Winn Assistant Principal Email

Dean of Students

Ronda McDonald                                                                                                             Email



Name: Position: Email: Website
Christine Persick Grade 6, 7, & 8 Email
Lindsey Simons Grade 4 & 5 Email

Office Staff

Name: Position: Email: Website
Tricia Clark Office Manager Email
Cassie McClain Counseling Secretary Email
Hiliary Saunders Attendance Email
Linda Shumaker Clerical Email

 Custodial Staff

Name: Position: Email: Website
Val Pariseau Head Custodian Email
Maria Campos Custodian Email
Sam Martinez Custodian Email


Name: Position: Email: Website
Becky Andersen 5th Grade  Email
Dev Brazel 8th Science Email Website
Laura Chadwick 4th Grade Email
Jane Coram  Special Education 6th – 8th Grade Email
Kayla Carrillo 4th Grade Email
Jennifer Cox ELL Email
Stephanie Cox 7th AVID, 8th Science Email
Peter Fey 6th Grade Social Studies Email
Eleanor Herro Food Science Email
Katie Hobson 7th Grade ELA Email
Elizabeth Hunt Literacy Specialist Email
Jenny Kerr 8th Grade ELA Email
Taylor Lind Physical Education Email
Elizabeth Mann Art Email
AnnaMae McClain 7th Grade Social Studies  Email
Brianna McKinney 5th Grade  Email
Cecile Meehan Speech and Language Email
Daniel Mitchell Band/Choir Email Website
Kylee Moen 5th Grade Email
Melissa Mondou 7th Grade Math Email
Jane Morris Instructional Facilitator Email
Jill North Special Education Email
Dori Podrabsky 8th Grade Math/Algebra Email
Erin Puga 5th Grade Email
Justin Rodecap 7th Grade Science Email
Staci Rubesh Physical Education Email
Skyler Sadowsky Physical Education/Leadership Email
Alan Smietana 6th Grade Math Email
Megan Starr 5th Grade Email
Kayla Stimpson 4th Grade  Email
Kristin Thomas 4th/5th Grade                                Special Education  Email
Mary Vaughn FSC Email
Noah Weldon 8th Social Studies Email
Anna Whitmire 6th Grade Language Arts Email
Samantha Wood 4th Grade Email
Ashley Worley 4th Grade Email
Stephanie Zahlmann 6th Grade Science           8th Grade AVID Email

Educational Assistants

SEA Email
Personal Care Assistant  Email
Natalie Colbert Personal Care Assistant Email
Omar Garcia Elementary Behavior Support Email
Jessica Garofano SEA Email
Lisa Idsinga Middle School Behavior Support Email
Liz Krebs Personal Care Assistant Email
Michelle Naylor SEA Email
Colleen Nelson SEA/Clerical Spec II Email
Phil Rempel Personal Care Assistant Email
Christine Roehrich SEA Email
Nancy Roehrich SEA Email
Rosie Salinas Bilingual Assistant Email
Angela Sanderson SEA Email
Jessica Scovil Elementary Behavior Support Email


Name: Position: Email: Website
Juli Slayter Library Assistant Email

Food Service

Name: Position: Email: Website
Polly Edwards  Kitchen Manager Email
Gwen Cleveland Email
Jamie Perkins Email