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Timber Ridge Turkey Trot

Posted on: November 22, 2019

At Timber Ridge School in the Physical Education department, we have an annual Turkey Trot “fun run” fundraiser during the student’s PE/Health  classes for three days.  Students run laps around the track at Timber Ridge during this time, while creating a healthy lifestyle and raising money for brand new equipment to be used in PE.  This was our 6th year doing the Turkey Trot fundraiser which has generated thousands of dollars that go right back into their Physical Education learning.  This is only done by the help of the community as we offer prizes that have been generously donated by companies throughout the community.  Some of the prizes are:  YMCA of Albany family membership, BIG 5 gift certificate, Southpaw’s, Yogurt Extreme, American Dream Pizza, Buffalo Wild Wings, Beavers and Ducks sports packages, Supercuts, Carino’s, SAHS gear, Trader Joe’s donates six complete Thanksgiving dinners to our top runner’s (which are frequently donated by our top runners to other families in need), and Dutch Bros was here on Thursday with their awesomeness, giving chocolate milk to our runners each class period.